​Fund Raising for Prostate Cancer Research

​Aston Martin In Motion for Movember www.justgiving.com/Mary-Antcliff

Overall Position=O.P. Class Position=C.P. Team Position=T.P.​​

​Nigel has spent all of 2016 developing and adapting the car (when not at work or Le Mans 24Hour), Mary has been keeping folks up to date with Nigel's and the car's development with a monthly newsletter with text and photos. This development of the car, has involved, from front to back :-  

  • ​Mesh on the Radiator to prevent stones that might damage the radiator
  • ​A shaped Belly pan with meshed holes to allow air flow, this is in sections so that different parts of the cars lower parts can be worked on separately.
  • ​Nigel has lock wired and spring connected anything he thinks might work loose. 
  • We have removed the foot well carpets to save weight and let water out.
  • ​We have removed the hood to save weight, so we may get wet.
  • ​We have fitted an extra, spare wheel and 2 fuel jerry cans, we took all the extra weight on the ERAs Flying Scotsman Rally but onadvice we changed the extra spare wheel for just an extra tyre, and opted to take only 1 jerry can.
  • ​We fitted a hi level exhaust to improve ground clearance.
  • ​We carried out a trial pack to see how many spares we could fit in.
  • ​Oh, and then how many clothes, or how few clothes we could fit in
  • ​A lot of weekend time was spent taking this car or a modern Aston or our 1930s Riley to car events to Fund Raise for Prostate Cancer Research through the Movember Foundation so our cars could often be seen sporting the Movember moustache.                                     www.justgiving.com/mary-antcliff  

​​Due to the weekend events and our trip to Le Mans 24Hour, and of course the Flying Scotsman, Nigel has done a lot of this work after work. But thanks to our excellent manager at work, Nigel found some time during the day. There have been ups and downs, errors found in previous work that had to put right. But we got there for the mid September shipping. The car set sail on the 1st October 2016

The Year of 2016.