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Overall Position=O.P. Class Position=C.P. Team Position=T.P.​​

Day 1  13.11.2016Sunday Buenos Aires to Mar Del Plata Argentina 486kms 304miles O.P.= 5 C.P.=1 M.S.= N/A

​​​Arrival in Buenos Aires the flight was really boring, but absolutely fine .. We arrived on the 10.11.16 at 6.30 am and were out sight seeing in Buenos Aires by 9.30. We did visit the Fangio Bronze memorial in town. In the old town centre there were bands, and fireworks and marches and craft fayres, all the municipal employees were striking, a great atmosphere. Met Aussies Phil & Phill, Laurette &   Lyndy also on the Inca Rally. More pictures of the 10.11.16 can be found :- https://sway.com/Y2AD8TAuf0a1MaA0 There is also a short video of the street scene at :- https://youtu.be/zmV2-f2j6gM 11.11.16 we went to the bonded warehouse in Buenos Aires at 13.00 as arranged but the man who was in charge was at lunch and no paperwork had been prepared for the cars. 100+ people were waiting hours, but we got to Jim the Aston Martin and he started first time and all contents and outer parts of the car were all there if a little dusty. We got the chance to meet other rallyist while waiting so all is good. More pictures of the bonded compound can be seen on:- https://sway.com/A6AGnxn41fXI9bmC


​Just passed scrutineering, issued with route book, read the 3rd party insurance certificate as issued by Tysers only to find out

that they have made a mistake with the start date, they have issued it to start on the 13th when it should have been the 11th.

​This means we can't use the car today (Saturday) to get fuel for tomorrows start. And we did not have cover when we collected the car from the bonded store. Srutineering pictures here: https://sway.com/XcDsjaC9HszM14St

​13.11.16 The rally has begun​ Actually 524 kms It began in pouring rain from the hotel, so we were all kitted up in waterproofs, and some how we had to stop at every traffic light getting out of BA. Due to the rain the navigational aid our Monit packed up so I had to convert Ks to Miles and use the 82 year old milometer. Nigel looked under the bonnet to see if there was a poor connection and a rag fell on to the hot exhaust and caught fire. All was well tho with our timed sections. We had a great BBQ on a beef ranch and a gaucho show at lunch time . During the first Regularity on dirt roads where we had to average 70ks 44mph (hard enough anyway) the glove compartment shook lose so I had to hold it up, it was still floating about for the second regularity, at the end of which we had a puncture. We changed the wheel OK , but it took till 9.30 to fix the puncture. A grabbed evening meal & a beer. There is some go pro footage we have not had time to do anything with.Some other pictures of our drive out into BA once Insurance was sorted and some evening photos from yesterday plus today are on https://sway.com/KBeeAYujyerIhxHu