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Day 10 Tuesday Conception to Vina Del Mar, 22.11.2016 Chile ​607 kms 379 miles ​O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A

Along the West Coast of S. America taking 634KMS. There are few photos of today because we did have a lot of miles/kms on dual carriageway and we were delayed with an annoying electrical problem, those we took are on:- https://sway.com/SmncJi1EoDXyB06K 

This problem took a 50 minute delay. We had had, for us a good off road regularity, being 10seconds late, we got to a time check, filled with fuel. All just in time, the time checks are quite tight as we do not have the top end speed to make up lost time on the easy tarmac sections. So we went to start the car after taking on fuel and it would not start. There is a photo of the fuel station, great quality clean & tidy, with a plant wall (see photo of red Bentley)

​We had had problems with our Monit for some time, just cutting out (some folk have more complex and multiple time keeping equipment, and distance measuring equipment, but not us). There was power at the battery, and power at the engine but not in between. Nigel was checking everything, two folk helped Nigel see the wood for the trees, Richard a S. African with a 1959 Bentley & Phil an Australian with a 1969 Morgan, so on their advice we ran new wires from the battery to the fuse box, and this worked. Too busy to take photos of this, but Phil did and we he says he will share them with me. However when we got to the hotel we found the electrics still worked when this temporary fix was removed. Nigel will investigate further tomorrow on the rest day. So we had 50 minutes to make up. Jim did very, very well, pushing on constantly, never missing an engine stroke.

​The fitting of the high level exhaust has been a good move, the rough roads and the rocks would almost certainly has damage the low level silencer.

​The day started with lush green scenery, warm and sunny and UK type trees. Folk mostly living in bungalow tin roofed small houses and there were many shack stalls at the side of the dual carriageway. The lush land gave way to drier land flat vineyards, orange and date groves, then even later in our travels North more desert type plant. Here hawks would fly low from side to side, past our windscreen. The last section of travel was narrow, tight twisty roads, Tina & Alan had a close call here when a car, the driver on the phone came around the corner towards them, but all OK

​3 Vintageant pre'41 cars are out, unfortunately  a '39 Ford Coupe of David & Peter GB, a '29 Buick of Brian and Colin USA father & son team.  go here for a video  https://youtu.be/Eo4H_A1nEXs