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​Day 12 24.11.2016 Thursday Vina Del Mar to San Juan back in Argentina 503kms 314miles a high route O.P.=5 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A

​​​Back over into Argentina high into the Andes. 570 kms We set out this morning to the magical Andes, in the morning mist, a 5.30 wake up time!!. 7.35 start. This area before we climb is so lush, lots of fruit growing, but this gave way to more scrub & cati. Nigel has removed the air filters and the silencer to help him breathe, Jim is therefore loud over the pass. He did in fact manage really well, going into 1st for some short section. We did not need to adjust the jetting.

​The average speed regularity saw us 18 seconds late, but it was really tight, dry, twisty and bumpy, this will see us go into 6th overall, because Lars & Annette in their '28 Bentley 4398cc (our nearest rivals) did much better.

​Now the oil & water temperature gauges and ceased to work & the amp metre works from time to time but doesn't want to stay in place.

​I had looked at the map to see our route and it appeared to follow the river, so therefore in a valley, not so when the river becomes a high water fall. But 3 Fiats (see photo link) made it and in one Ana, they had a baby girl!!!.

​At the lunch stop Car 60, a '68 MG of Gina & Andrew needed some spanners, so Nigel got his out from under the bonnet, only to see once again items had fallen on to exhaust manifold, we thought we could smell burning, it was a good job we helped Car 60 out.

The border crossing was OK but cold, and a strange system of going from desk to desk, the Chile side had been on strike, but all was well today, later rally cars were held up more.

That afternoon there was a choice of the hard route or easy route, we took the hard route, and we were rewarded with such amazing views we forgot we were on a timed rally and stopped to take, far too many photos. The route was rough with big boulders but it was passable. There were several herds of Lamas. There is a hotel after the hard route, Villa Vicenio, which is a must see/visit/stay place if we visit again. If we stay at the hotel we could do the route again in each direction. ​WONDERFUL ROAD

Shanty towns are poorer here in Argentina. Dry arid flat high level plane

We did think we would get a late time penalty, but it was scrapped this evening   for 3 reasons, folk delayed at the border, in road works and given a choice of an easy route. Photos on:-https://sway.com/MjBNQfnPUuahFiIU