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Everywhere here sounds like it is connected with wine production!!! Is that a problem? I'm just the navigator...482 kms. Yesterday, the number plate got dented by some rock, and there is the serious issue of the missing Werthers?! I am writing this as Nigel is changing the fuel pump, our room over looks the old cathedral and there is a live concert out there, all is good. We had an 8am start and a 16.20 finish, but these times were hard to keep to. The pebbles we had to drive through this morning for several Ks broke some bolts in the right front cycle wing, so N had to fix this at the next time control. To do this you have to take the wheel & brake off, people thought there was something wrong with the brakes, but no, just some bolts need replacing. To save time I filled up the car with the Jerry Can, and folk let us push in the queue, thanks to Car 34, Mary & Blair AUS in their '64 Peugeot the second smallest cc car, & Tina & Alan GB in their '65 Tiger Sunbeam & Layne CAN of the '60 Impala. Later thanks to Car 33  a '63 Ford Falcon of Claudia & Marco of Germany & Swiss., they rescued Nigel's hat that blew off in a high windy section. This work meant we really running late all day.

​We had 2 track sessions and a tarmac regularity. Each track session was 2 laps, sight unseen. We did the first (in a fabulous setting) in 4mins 38, and the second in the heat of a very, very hot afternoon (poor Jim suffered from fuel starvation, evaporating while waiting) in 4mins 30seconds. We don't know yet how this compares, but the tracks were more suited to the more powerful cars. We were 4th on both of the track sessions, so not too bad.

​As we were running late we were back with the newer Classic cars and we had quite a wait to start the regularity, but this was a good tarmac but a real climb to be done at an average of 70ks. Jim did amazingly, but Nigel was wanting to drive too fast in the end we were just 7.5 seconds too fast. Not bad for us.

Often the roads in this continent follow disused railways, Beecham must have been here too.

​We saw proper cati, and scenery like you see in the Westerns. Some areas were flat and arid. Others had mountains that were every 'sand' colour you can imagine. Photos don't do the scenery justice.

Those we have you can see on:-https://sway.com/mrxnoCA71Q5ygy2r

Day 13 25.11.2016 Friday San Juan to La Rioja Argentina 472 kms 295miles O.P.=6 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A