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Day 14 26.11.2016 Saturday La Rioja to Tucuman Argentina 420kms 263miles O.P.= 6 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A

Though we have fallen to sixth we were 4th over all just on yesterday's results. Ks for today = 516. This was a mixed drive of flat roads of Argentina at both ends of the day,  with hillier sections either side of lunch. N had loads of hassle leaving the hotel which did put him in a bad mood, they called him back to pay for more on the room, tho he had paid in full. We were blocking many of the other pre '41 cars so it needed sorting , got the car out and parked in front of the Medical Car & asked when they were leaving only to be told later  by the medics he shouldn't have parked there. The morning's regularity was cancelled as considered too rough.

​As we drove in the morning there was still the magical misty mountains and scrub land either side, and the disused railway continued, the joy of birds of prey and such an open car...

​Later there were Olive & Orange groves, it is such a shame to have such poor Orange Juice at breakfast

​There was a diversion in a town for road works, and we got lost, so we asked someone, a smart chap and they spoke a little English, but they gave a bum steer and sent us in the wrong direction, when we realised this, and another man, a scruffy roadside fruit seller sent us back the right way, he even stopped all the traffic so we could do a 'U' turn. But we were hopelessly lost, till we came across a police van, and in it was a bevy of young police women, they loved the car & Nigel and this improved his mood as they escorted us out of town and on the correct road. The nest section was a lovely drive to the lunch stop at El Rodeo, it seemed a really religious valley with many icons statues etc. Lunch didn't happen cos the staff were a tad disorganised. So we drove on to the next tarmac regularity.

​This was a great drive, but we didn't do well, I didn't let N speed ahead and then on a 42 degree day in the middle of no where we get stuck behind an ice cream van, this caused us to slow right down and we lost loads of time as our 1,500cc car didn't have enough power to over take it forquite a while. N was not pleased, but only 3 people were known to get a time, every one else was slower than one minute, it was too demanding.. ice cream or no ice cream van. The regularity had a ford at either end

​We saw gauchos and their dogs, over the other side of the hill the land was more fertile and lush, once back on the plains there was flat arable land. As we drove the afternoon the storm clouds gathered all around us, it was raining in the Andes, but it has not rained here yet, 19.30, there is a park outside and music playing all is good. You will see a photo of a bottle shrine, I'm not sure what that is about... The park across from the hotel had stalls and music and a mini rodeo & fireworks. VVVV hot day, then the rains came

​Photos on:- https://sway.com/b17yAH9F3TS5p158