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Day 15 27.11.2016 Sunday Tucuman to Salta Argentina 392kms 245miles O.P.=6 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A

Still high in the wine regions of the Andes 376 AMAZING kms After the thunder storm at night it was still raining heavily in the morning as we went a short distance out of town to an area of lush greenery, and had a tarmac regularity, we were slower then we thought we were (14s) but so were others and there was some discussion that they had measured the distance wrong. Shortly after we lost power, in the pouring rain, Car 8 Norah & Keith GB '27 Bentley stopped to help, moral support, they too do not have a roof. N  decided it was the magneto and set to to replace it, fixing the other that night so we still have a spare. But it wasn't the magneto, when going through a big pot hole in the tarmac my knee had come up and hit the 'kill' switch on my side. Very pretty place to stop, friendly packs of dogs, pigs, goats, horses, blue hydrangeas, pretty well kept house and church. I have made a note on each page of the route book to check the kill switch if we loose power.

Some 90 k we went on to good gravel and it didn't look like it had rained, we were getting behind in time for the time control, but local folk pointed the correct way, and we got to El Jardin just in time, as did car 70, great party village atmosphere, welcome banner and all. We had to sign we were happy to take the next part of the route, it was v muddy, and narrow due to rain. It was suggested it would take 3 hrs to do 117ks, it took 4 hours of beauty and adventure, A beautiful valley carved by a river, but a narrow muddy track. Many fords and a hill that cars had to queue  to take a run at , and slip slide there way up. Jim did well his thinish wheels biting it the mud and squirming his way up & through the rich red muddy bits. From time to time there were small farm steads and folk were out to wave us on. Away from the pack of cars we had occasion to stop to change the air pressure in the tyres, and without our cars the area was so, so quiet. On one of the small farmsteads there was a small boy, he looked about 4 years old in a field on his own on a horse. The horses here in S. America don't have any problems with our cars. I took some hand held go-pro film, we will sort out a link.

So we got to La Vina, and on to tarmac, the time controls for the day were scrapped as everyone had difficulties in the mud, the next section was dry, long river bridges over dry river beds, as often, 4 up on a moped and motorbikes with trailers on the road, we drove to Salta for a track session, in town there were crowds of football supporters and riot police on 125cc bikes which meant a slight detour. Circuit was good, two laps sight unseen N taking it flat out on our muddy tyres turned into slicks. A good time equal 3rd not bad for 1,500cc.

​Late night though with needing to change a tyre, which had a bulge, so after the puncture on day one we have the 2 newest on the back, N cleaned the mud from the brakes and suspension. Pictures on:- https://sway.com/1XyQtVs3BtubmSeW