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Another long day of travel after our rest day, heading West and North through the Atacama Desert. 490 KMS, slightly less than advertised for once. We had 2 regularities on gravel, but other wise all tarmac. We climbed to 3489m in surprisingly cold cloudy weather.

​Chile is far more into recycling and green energy, solar/wind then we saw in Argentina. The region at the start of the day was totally dry sand & gravel, NO vegetation at all. There are various shrines along the road and these are for those that have died, they are often elaborate and well tended. At times the car is left there as a reminder to others traveling that way. The vastness of the vistas is hard to explain and some wide angle photos help to capture it. But then it becomes ugly, with 5, then 6,7,8 sets of pylons marching in parallel with the road mostly different designs, not sure where or how the electricity is  generated.

The first regularity is short 3 k , we put on scarves and goggles and air filter for Jim, all is good at 1.5 ks in then, round a bend, over a brow comes another rally car at speed, we are forced into the gully, as Nigel said it could have rolled the car, he was so angry that he didn't concentrate on making up time, we were 31 seconds late. You do meet all sorts on these events, horses, cows, diggers, ice cream vans... But it was the speed of this car, Lars says that is where experience comes in with Rallying, you shut out the problems and just focus on trying to keep to your time/speed. You keep emotions at bay.

​Started calculating fuel and distances, so we can be as light as possible for the track session early tomorrow.

​2nd regularity, a 6 k long climb on gravel, very rough, boulders & gravel a sharp right hander, and long descent, much better only 3 seconds late.

​There are now boulders of igneous rock amongst the sand spewed out by some ancient volcano. We are now following the coast of the Pacific to Iquique. Passed a small scale seaweed processor. Still amazingly stark scenery, no vegetation, we have sea & waves 100m then road, 100 m of flat sand then the Andes looking like giant sand dunes.

​The camera we bought especially for this trip has ceased to function, Phil & Laurette bought the same camera, in Austrailia for the same reason and theirs has packed up. We walked to a shopping arcade, that was so loud with competing music, we found one shop that had a choice of 2 compact cameras, we bought the Canon.

​Iquique is a port, industrial mining town, but it has a wonderful beach, and some fine old buildings , got to see little of it except the shopping arcade, visit again some day. The shopping arcade was necessary because the camera we had bought for this adventure had finally given up due to the ingress of fine sand so we had to buy a new one.

​Photos on :- https://sway.com/WvMiZWuHU9rZBnc9

Day 18 30.11.2016 Wednesday San Pedro de Atacama to Iquique ​Chile ​515kms 322 miles O.P.=6 C.P.=1 T.P.=2