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Overall Position=O.P. Class Position=C.P. Team Position=T.P.​​

Day 19 01.12.2016 Thursday Iquique to Arica Chile 380kms 238 miles O.P.=6 C.P.=1 T.P=2

It's goodbye to Movember but the fund raising can still continue ​www.justgiving.com/Mary-Antcliff The rally continues in the lower lands of the Andes to the Border of Peru. Nigel and Paul (a team mate) appeared with a naked top lip this morning. 344K today bookended by 2 track sessions, the first just 19 K out of Iquique, we had allowed our selves to be low on fuel so there was less weight.​​

​Nigel tried his very hardest at this track in the sand dunes, it had quite a rough surface, and high curbs, a lot of tyre squealing was involved, the ERA  had put in a tight chicane to slow traffic down.

​From the track we went to Humberstone, a preserved abandoned Saltpetre mining town, at it's height in the 1920s with Opera House and Theatre, and abandoned in the 1960s. As above we had let ourselves be V low on fuel and a very helpful lass from Iquique who spoke English and a local man told us there was some just 4 ks away in a town called Pozzo Almonte, this too had an 'other' era feel about it, but it was clearly still thriving. No ERA people knew where there was fuel, and there was none going forward as we crossed the desert, other people were having to ask and borrow to get fuel. At a routine police check point we were pulled over to ensure we did have enough fuel for the next stage of the journey. There were some long time delays on the next section with road works, the task of building new lanes on what is basically sand and gravel mountains, Still VV dry desert NO vegetation, sand devils seen rising up very windy after road works and then some scrubby trees and no clear source of water.

​At the time control in Cuya, Nigel decided to investigate the misfire we had, it was some heatproof, foil backed material that, had shifted and was shorting out, James of the ERA team helped us out. There was a long climb out of Cuya, curtains of sand blew off the mountainside, but Jez flew up now her misfire was sorted, she is a grand old lady.

​On to the final test of the day, another circuit in the sand, with Vultures flying over, our time was 15.05.

Not a very special hotel, but right on the sea so we got to walk the beach this evening, all the shanty homes seem to be flying the Chilean flag. Nigel was 4th overall on both track sessions but we are lying 6th because of how poorly we did in the regularities early on, plus the icecream van and the mad rallyist driving the wrong way. That rallyist has now broken down and is not continueing with the rally, everyone else has continued in a hire car.

​Photos here https://sway.com/jbnhJG3eYqdHHeFV