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​A great sunrise out to sea, bodes well for the day. Today we actually travelled 518kms

1st to Balacrce the birth place of Fangio, great museum. Then to a kart track in the same town for a test session, tight & fun then near by was Fangio's track, these tests are driven sight unseen, this one had long sweeping right handers, mostly and the first section was almost a hill climb, we startled a lizard out of the way, then a tight left hander and under a bridge to the hidden from view STOP control.

​The scenery was different with some limestone out crops at the beginning of the day, and some bends, but the rest of the day was long stretches of undulating roads, with agricultural land cattle, and horses, flat as far as the eye can see. From time to time there would be ranch/farm gates that led off into the unknown distance dwellings.

​Very fine dusty, blown by strong gusty winds, mostly head on. Jim did very well and travelled long distances (over 190kms) at an average of 92.3k to make up time. There was a planned lunch stop on the Atlantic Coast, but we did not have time to take lunch,as we drive slower than many other cars, loo, drink then clock out at our given time.

​When we got to Bahia Blanca there was a fire in town center, which meant detours around, but Nigel has a very good sense of direction.


​some pictures here  https://sway.com/nltj2bghsYVcTbC1

Day 2 14.11.2016 Monday Mar Del Plata to Bahia Blanca Argentina 450 kms 281 miles O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A