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Overall Position=O.P. Class Position=C.P. Team Position=T.P.​​

Day 20 02.12.2016 Friday Arica Chile to Arequipa Peru 452kms 282 miles O.P.=6 C.P.=1 T.P.=2nd

Last day travelling in Chile. 440kms. We got up at 5.30 to leave for the Peru border at 6.47, got to Chile border at 07.01, to the Peru border at 08.34, left the Peru border at 10.35 (08.35 Peru time). At the P border they were v efficient with humans but doing the Carnet de Passage for the cars took the time, they were thorough checking engine & chassis numbers. But we drove off without 3rd Party Insurance for Peru, that most of us had paid Tysers in the UK an arm & a leg for.

​This day is also bookended by track sessions, so once over the border we went to Tacna race track, it was decided to set back all start times by an hour to let everyone through the border, so there was a good atmosphere at the track as everyone gathered, we were given maps, stickers and a bottle of booze, after the track session, plus we could study the track.

​The track had a good surface amongst fine desert sand, we had time to take the baggage, tools and spare wheel off the car to make it lighter ( others were driving without their passenger which rules disallow) We had 2 laps and at one time there were 6 pre'41 cars on the track, there  was a long up hill start and an ERA chicane which N took flat out we did 5mins 6 seconds 3rd of the pre'41s.

​So we drive thro Peru, Tacna to Corralitos where much more effort had been made to cultivate the desert, the scenery was sea, lava rock, road, sand & mountains, later there were salt flats surrounded by sheep, crops, pigs, cows. Filled up at a cash only station and a grinning girl of about 6 was in charge of the wads of notes. Here in Peru the trains are in use as we carry on to Ilo, dry, dry, dry beautiful coastline, then mega industry, a short video from the camera shows this, an ugly blot. Barren Andes right down to the sea, then some Cati, the first natural vegetation is many kms..

​Then a lush cultivated valley, mules, donkeys & tut-tuts, time check point at a big café with a great vibe and many muriels, climbed quickly again into barren Andes, with again Cati further up, Peru air force base, plateaux with mountains left & right, a mining area, heat haze.

​So to the final track session of the day at a tight kart track at Arequipa itself. Though we were all actually running an hour late because of the border crossing the track was not ready for us early arrivals (the oldest cars are always the first runners), we were even later because of a road closure, really busy traffic and poor detour signs. When we got going on the track it was really tight for Jez and speed was lost in double de clutching to change up for the straights and it was only one circuit, so no chance to improve. OK though but 5th of the pre'41s.

​We have a lovely hotel near the old town @ 2640m like a Parador. There is a stunning old square that is a 'must visit' for next time. In the grounds of the hotel is a 150 year huge turtle.

​We are 6th overall by 13 seconds, due to doing well on the track session, as we were 3rd on this days efforts alone

​Photos here  https://sway.com/Mhpsm8LzUz2tigyf