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Day 22 04.12.2016 Sunday Puno to Cusco Peru 437kms 271 miles O.P.=7 C.P.=1 T.P.=3rd

Driving to the ancient Capital city of the Inca Empire Machu Picchu. 410kms. We are in 7th position and our team is third, because although the 12minutes lateness from yesterday has been scrapped from the day's results it still shows in the in the overall scores. I did bring this up last night and they say it will be amended.

​Driving back through Puno to go to Juliaca, we start at 8.05 and Puno is not busy, there is a building on the Lake front that is totally surrounded by wooden scaffolding! It is a damp start to the day, dull & cool. Getting back to Peruvian people in the bill board ads, there is a fat Peruvian lady smiling down at us. The route we were to take was blocked by a Sunday market, and this is a market to make all other markets seem half hearted, mostly fruit and veg, it was mad, mad, mad, so we went on to a really broken up road in the middle of town  that is clearly neglected as their are great concrete pillars waiting to support a flyover, with in all of this there is an un guarded live railway. All is good hearted and a great experience. Due to the special qualities of the navigator, me, we are in fact only the second to reach the check point from all this chaos. A real contrast to yesterday's lateness. Then there was nothing we could do with the heavy traffic and power of our car.

​We leave the check point on the way to Pico Mocco, there is a side of the road rubbish tip, there is no rubbish collection system. We go into a plateau area of rural farmsteads, lamas, cattle, sheep, dogs roaming and flamingos in the lakes. We pass though a grand arch way to a town of Lampa the arch has a traditional dressed man, a lama and a traditionally dressed women all in high colour, the town itself is quite small & non descript.

​We have a 50k/p/h regularity on tarmac, that we are only 2 seconds out on, climbing up to 4100m over 7kms but ironically the times on this might be scrapped because some cars could not take part in the regularity, because the police had escorted those cars out of the town with the chaotic market via a different route.

​Good coffee check point but a tourist trap where coaches call in, we had time too for lunch, a buffet on the coach tourist trial. But it is only the 2nd ERA funded lunch we have had time for on the rally. Always playing catch up with our little car.

​Very rural, small farms, ox ploughs in use, crops, snow on top of the Andes, sheep, cattle, women washing clothes in the river, camera battery ran out. 2nd day of travel with no pre '75 cars overtaking us. Weather has got better through the day, but clouds hung in the green fertile valleys, then it rained as we got into town. We can't park near the hotel in the old town so we are all cramped in a gated car park, this means the oldest cars are truely blocked in by the newer cars

​There are now 7 cars broken & therefore hire cars in use, and 8 other cars not taking part competitively due to ill health in humans or cars, that is 15 out of 46, so Jez is doing well as a very genuine old car just to still be competitive in the rally. The results show the Regularity is being allowed but our 12minutes lateness from the other day still shows in the overall results

​We now have 3 nights in a old Monastery in central old Cusco, it is so like some of the marvellous Paradors we have stayed in on modern Aston Martin tours in Spain. But our hotel here is expensive and grand, while Paradors are excellent value for money.

It is beautiful here, roses is the gardens, very grand, and it is great to have a three night stay with little work to do on the car.

Need to be up at 4.30am to go to Machu Picchu via the sacred valley tomorrow. 

​Pictures here  https://sway.com/TgxnFc7HmwoaoyqY