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A long days drive down to the lower altitude of the Nazca Desert. Actually 664kms, with climbs to peaks of 4,500m + 4 times. The oldest cars got to Cusco first and were all blocked in by the others, so the start order was decreed by where you were in the garage cum carpark. We had the last start time of 07.10am, this still meant an early morning again.

The dogs of Peru, just a quick word, the people of Peru feel it is unfair to dogs to keep them confined to houses and causes them stress, therefore they wander free, but each is owned, they have a good road sense and are well cared for.

​It was really not too bad getting out of Cusco, there was one steep hill in town that the old cars including Jez had to take a 'run' up to manage, they hadn't had any exercise for 2 days. Some mopeds, carry calor gas bottles, this is to power them. Even out of town the tut-tuts continue in the middle of no where. Children going to school, cattle, pigs, crops, donkeys, lamas, alpacas, adobe brick & clay roofed houses. We traveled behind Lars & Annette for quite a while in their very genuine '28 Bentley. I had the Go Pro filming for this.

​We started at 2,470m dipping to 1,900 metres, then climbing to 4,000m the first 2 hours we averaged 52k/h, clouds hung in the valley, it is like the Alps, but so much bigger. We go through a red rocky canyon, back down to 2370m, the next 2 hours averaged 54kph.

​We had a pretty stop for the Passage control, had Alpacas and an Andean hairless dog in the grounds.

​It began to rain as we went slowly through town to 3180m, then the rain stopped as we went to 4180m, the area is more scrub, less fertile, cattle and goats roam. There is a quick Z climb to 4,280m and then we flatten out to a plateau, (on tomorrow's link there is a screen dump of the route & the altitude changes given by one of the marshals.)

​As we rose and fell in small amounts staying around 4,600m the rain came, a little sleet, it was soooo cold we did not want to stop to put on extra clothing, the last 2 hours were an average of 61kph, over the plateaux. It was bleak, but the cattle here have tassels on them to tell who they belong to. The rain didn't last too long, but the cold did, until we got lower.

​Jez has behaved like a true grand old lady, she passed through the 6,000 mile bracket today, this was all the rally was supposed to be. Yes we have needed 2nd & 1st gear, but she has kept going with no engine, gear or div problems. The trucks have been comparatively few and the drivers good to us, helping passing.

We were driving down the last descent in a convoy of 4 cars when it became apparent when dusk fell 15ks from the hotel that the car of Phil & Lynda Aus ''65 Austin Healy had no lights. This was OK while sandwiched between other cars, but the one in front got separated so N & Jez went in front to light the way and Phil stayed close, we got away with going past 2 police check points in the dark. Used my head torch for the first time. The track into the hotel was unlit & rough, in the morning we saw there had also been an open pot hole, into which any one of our wheels could have gone.

Back down in desert. The hotel is not so posh, rooms are small, but its really quirky. Had a good night's sleep now back at sea level. Early start for the Nazca lines tomorrow. 

​Pictures here  https://sway.com/xF1QVDxc5RKuExeJ

Day 25 07.12.2016 Wednesday Cusco to Nazca Peru 628kms 393miles ​O.P.=6 C.P.=1 T.P.= 2nd