This is a lunch time start in order to give us a chance to visit the Nazca 'Lines' 218 kms today, but our start time is 12.02. The Naz/sca Lines, 1st is it an 's' or a 'z', even the signs here in Peru, differ. We got up at 5.15am to take the light aircraft flight over the lines, good weather, the plane was a 10 seater and we all had a window seat. Is it a hoax, created when flight was developed?? The straight lines that don't represent animals or aliens have been known about for 100s of years and thought to be astrological lines, but what of the others that can only be truly seen from the air, when/how/what/why?. The how, was apparently the outline of the creature etc. was created with rocks & all other rocks removed from the sand, and this creates the outline to the thing, but why have dust storms etc, not destroyed them? The Trans American high way cuts through the lizard's tail. It was great to do the flight, I love the 'magic' of light aircraft flight, but as to the Nasca lines it raises more questions than answers.

​Today's drive was really short and easy, mostly on the Trans Am high way. With a detour for a short Regularity on tarmac which was a little rough, but a great, section of road set at 50k/p/h, it was quite tight uphill on a public road, it went through 2 rough hewn tunnels. We did well being only 1 second late & we had a tut-tut on the hill that we had to overtake.  We have done calculations on distances and tank fulls of fuel so we are quite light for tomorrows track session.

​One car, an MG had an engine fire on the Regularity, but the crew got it to the Time Control, where Jamie one of the star mechanics got it fixed. 

​We are in desert again, rock & sand, there are chicken farms in the middle of the desert, barns made out of packing cases, totally dry river beds, and fruit farms that manage to turn the desert green. In the desert there were dust devils that traveled from west to east across the Pan Am hi way and would sand blast you as they passed

​Before we turned off to our hotel, if the land wasn't cultivated it was giant sand dunes by sea, flat sand & rock, road, more flat sand & rock then in the distance the dim out line of the Andes. It was very hot.

​The hotel appears new, calming, white buildings, pleasant planting and the sound of the seas, but they have had us park our lovely dirty, old cars across the road in their car park rather than grace their entrance. Do they not get it, all the cars still running are heroes, or heroines? Photos on:-


​Fund Raising for Prostate Cancer Research

​Aston Martin In Motion for Movember

Overall Position=O.P. Class Position=C.P. Team Position=T.P.​​

Day 26 08.12.2016 Thursday Nazca to Paracas Peru 215kms 134miles O.P.=6 C.P.=1 T.P.=2nd & 4th(by 3 seconds) in are in 2 teams, one we knew about and one we didn't. The 'M&Ms' & the 'desperados' the latter is 2nd.