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Our final run along the Pacific Coast to our finish at Lima and a champagne reception. 260 kms Lovely hotel, but the beach here is coarse sand with thick seaweed, the sea is full of sand which means it looks grubby. We drove into barren desert again, only a few scrubby bushes either side of the Pan American Hiway. We travelled through un-pretty, but interesting towns, the warm morning saw us undertaking on the rough dirt hard shoulder to pass all the queues of traffic. We were the only pre '41 car to start undertaking then others followed, once again the time scale to the first time control was tight.

​Features along the way, the traffic lights have count downs on, very handy, there are black full sized 'golly wog' figures outside roadside vendors, really not sure what that is about, I did not honour the 'statues' with a photo; then a drink called Inca Kola, a gold coloured drink, what other liquid is gold coloured? This drink tastes of nothing, only sweet.

​There are donkeys and mules along the side of the road, they carry more than lamas,, this area towards Lima has crops behind walls and gated communities and holiday resorts, adverts/bill boards now show white smiling people rather than people who look Peruvian.

We drove along by the sea, which you could only see from time to time, where you could there was high waves and cliffs, plus an enclosed ares. Was it a prison camp, a concentration camp, no, it was a walled holiday resort. Looked a grim concept to me.

​So to the first track session of the day, spare fuel in Jerry Can, out of car, and air filter off, one circuit only, there are no long straights and the ERA had put in a tight chicane; 1min 45 seconds; then on to the kart track at the same venue, all be it a very bumpy earth road away, 2 circuits of the kart track, not too tight 2mins 30 seconds. These times turned out that we were to be second only in the pre '41 class.

​It has come to our attention that Car 56, the one that came towards at speed on a Regularity, broke down, but they have NOT continued in an hire car, they had done some other undesirable things on the road or so it was reported by other Rallyists

​So to the finish line at the Hotel Country Club Lima and the finish line. It was an amazing feeling, so proud of the car.

​This evening's hotel is grand and older than last nights, I feel this town has been affected by the 2010 Tsunami, the beach at Lima has nothing to offer at all.

​The gala dinner saw us win the car's First In Class cup, but there was no award for 2nd team award (a shame)

​Photos on:- https://sway.com/DEQEijmC0d3Xiizl

Day 27 09.12.2016 Friday Paracas to Lima Peru 267kms 165 miles O.P.= 6 C.P.=1 T.P.=2nd