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Day 3 ​16.11.2016 Tuesday Bahia Blanca to Puerto Madryn Argentina 694 kms 434 miles ​O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A

Today is the single longest day's drive. It was actually 769 kms with a 7.30 start, we set off into the local region that has fruit and veg check points of all things but we were waved through. The joys of a completely open car shone through as an eagle swept down beside me and scooped up its prey and flew on. Again very, very windy, to begin there was the lush farm land as before. A small farm stead had cow hides drying in the air.

Rally wise, we went to the Autodromo Viedma, where there had been created two tracks from the circuit with oil drums and bales, again sight unseen, there was a mix of tight twists and broad straights. I do have go pro footage of this which I will make available some time.

There is also go pro footage to give some idea of how long, straight but undulating some sections are. We had a 75k gravel section named the Camino Costale, the rally organisers had named it Moby Dick? as they had seen whales when they had done the reccy, but there were none to be seen today, wrong season we are led to believe.

We kept well to the times, but we were not able to stop for anything other than, fuel, loo and time check points. We had 3hrs 15mins to do the last 270k. But Jim did well. Long straight climbing and falling roads

The scenery has now changed to high sand dunes, then flat scrub land. No cattle or horses no sign of agriculture, even fewer birds. On the outskirts of all the towns there are really poor shanty town areas.     https://sway.com/pna0toKWGBWMJUFB