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Overall Position=O.P. Class Position=C.P. Team Position=T.P.​​

Link to the day's photos:- https://sway.com/MBn0voVvf1jvD2z2 Todays distance was 692kms. No wind so progress along the long st undulating road was easier. Still sand & gravel scrub land and shanty towns out side every proper town. One had a playground for the children made out of tyres. There was a field of plastic bags blown & caught on bushes, small scale brick makers and sand farmers i.e. gathering piles of sand for building.

A fast test session early on at my very own Autodromo MAR Y VALLE, this was fast and open but there was a minimum time set to even it out between the smaller cars & faster cars, we were 9 seconds over this minimum 

​We went to TY GWYN tea rooms for elevenses and had the first good tea of the trip, there were children doing welsh dances, a great party atmosphere, all locals out.

​Had to do fuel calculations as there are not many fuel stations, and then it turned out one fuel station was shut, we had the jerry can but we just ran out of fuel at the next station, people let us in the queue as we were an older slower car & needed to meet out times, thank you Stan & Brant car 41 & everyone else in the queue

We did  really badly in the regularities, we thought the ave speed was still 70ks, but it had been reduced to 60k for the older cars, a lesson learnt we will ask at the start next time.

​1st sight of the Andes with the snow on top. We passed from the scrub land to majestic stark rocky scenery.

​Cars parked outside the hotel and the local folks partied till 3am in the road. Hotel was fairly basic, but they put on a good meal. Holly trees with berries were out side the hotel.

​Day 5 17.11.2016 Thursday Puerto Madryn to Esquel ARGENTINA  ​665 KMS 416 miles ​O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A