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Into the Andes for the first time, but not too high yet..... some photos of today here report to follow  364 KMS https://sway.com/4AlYqpZspKEiGBu1

​Did really well today two regularities first was within 6 seconds the second was zero penalties. The first was held in the area Butch Cassidy and the Sun Dance Kid holed up and planned to ranch a little, (the officials of the regularity hid and ambushed the cars like bandits at the stop point to get our time) then just couldn't help themselves and started robbing trains again. And it was at a Museum of a steam train station that we had lunch, really tasty wood fire roasted lamb. This was the first lunch we had, had time for since day one, because our car is slower at cruising speed. The village had a fete running so once again a great atmosphere. The 2nd regularity was perfect by luck really, we were running a bit quick, then there was tight right hander & the control was around the corner so the bend slowed us down just perfectly.

​We did a tight little Kart track, again good fun and the third best time for our group.

​Jim the Aston Martin is behaving impeccably and putting up a good fight against the Big Bentleys.

​Scenery Blue lakes and rivers, Green trees and vegetation plus flowers, Snow capped mountains, Very Alpine

​PLANT LIFE - Just a word on FLOWERS, we have Holly, bright with berries, Pyracantha growing wild full of berries, tulips going over and lupins & broom/gorse flowering by the wayside in the mountains. There had been quite a fire up to the top of the tree line quite recently as we left Esquel

​There was a formal sit down meal this evening.

Day 6 18.11.2016  Friday Esquel to Bariloche ARGENTINA 346 KMS 216 miles O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A