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Day 8 20.11.2016 Sunday Bariloche to Pucon Chile 378 kms 235 miles O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A

Not such a long drive today, off to Chile, for the first time for all of us. 400 Ks travel Wonderful weather and I have some Go-Pro footage of the amazing scenery, forests of Monkey Puzzle trees, and mountains & snow. The border crossing was really not too bad, both sets of officials doing a great job. We had to have proof of ownership of the car from our own country and the little laminated Argentine Insurance document. We were to learn that every border crossing was different. The ERA admin folk had sent the Carnets de Passage on ahead the night before and the border man knew an  Aston was coming, he was over whelmed and really enthusiastic to be photographed with the Aston. At first we were not sure why he wanted to go to the car so enthusiastically, but he was just a fan.  We had some really rough sections of road, and one of these was a hill climb over 9ks set at an average speed of 45k/p/h (28mph). We did not do well, we were too slow, and it was my fault because in holding the stuff in the glove compartment and charts on my lap and getting the dust off the Monit, I told Nigel to slow down when he was doing just fine, I also thought we must be too fast because we over took 2 cars, but this was not because we had got the wrong average speed today but because they both happened to be cars with serious issues. Both of them broke down completely that day. Hey ho, these average speed things are not my strong point. The 2nd Regularity of the day was cancelled as it was considered too rough in its current condition.

​On the rough terrain of the first Regularity Nigel damaged one of the stays that support the high level exhaust we had added. The jerry can of fuel had to come inside the car behind the back seat.Nigel had to take time out at the end of the day sat on the curb at the hotel trying to work out how to fix the exhaust bracket. It was cobbled together that evening with cable ties and lock wire.

​We have some still photos of today to add a link to too https://sway.com/9NHFrH3JxAjDxtR8