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Day 9 21.11.2016 Monday Pucon to Concepcion Chile 438kms 272miles O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A

Concepcion Chile the region of Earthquakes.... This day's journey was 453KMS more than above.

Photos on https://sway.com/CjL1r7jwhThL4lFz We had no earthquakes.

​We had a timed regularity early on, this was through quite a magical shady area, but it did mean, the shade and the sun shining through the dust meant that we couldn't see the vicious pot holes. Lush leafy areas bamboo sprouting, but for the challenging regularity, it might have been OK, up hill tight bends, wooden bridges, we did 0 (no penalties) on this regularity. I have made a makeshift door to keep items in the glove compartment. The second regularity of the day was short, but Nigel went too fast, treated it as a hill climb, and having lost confidence in call the slow/fast times, sped on, 58 seconds too fast of 6KMS.

​One of the check points at Curacautin had a real party atmosphere, all the town was there and children from the schools came to view the cars.

​We were allowed a long time to travel through the Llaima national park. Bright blue/green lizards, snow covered volcanoes, lava fields, a good place to travel through.

​The rough roads has meant some damage, we have had brackets that clamp the leaf springs break, these have been reinforced with jubilee clips, and stays that hold the high level exhaust had cracked at the welds. The maintenance man at the hotel allowed Nigel access to his workshop to cut up and prepare some angle iron for welding, then the sweep crew came in and Andy Inskip the main mechanic, helped Nigel to weld these new bits of material so reinforce the broken welds. A late night.

​There are frequent tolls on Chile's main roads of 1,000's of Pesos, but it isn't so many £s. Tomorrow there is popular media theme, going to Fernando (Abba song) and to Casablanca (no explanation needed)