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Our visit to Machu Picchu UNESCO World Heritage Site

We booked the train to visit this site so that however much work was needed on the car we would get to see it. I was never going to trek up with my knees. Photos on:- https://sway.com/HuC0pavEUWrZTbEC

​This is an historic site that really does live up to it's hype. From the famous images taken from above, the site looks quite small, but it is pretty extensive and there is still much un-excavated.

The site was some way from our Cusco Monastery Hotel, the streets of old Cusco are so narrow we were picked up by mini bus, and then transferred to a coach, the 1 & 1/2 hour journey took us to areas with wonderful scenery, snow capped Andean peaks Mount Veronica being one of them. For once Nigel & I could both look at the scenery & talk. Jez/Jim is too noisy with the wind & the exhaust. Then we had a 1 & 1/2 hour train ride from the Inca Sacred Valley, passports & ticket must correspond by name so that the strict limit on numbers visiting the site can be maintained, again  amazing views and evidence of where the Inca folk also lived in the Valley to support the town of Machu Picchu. The train ride led to a mini bus up a narrow steep track to the site itself, and again passports had to correlate with the named tickets.

​Our guide was excellent, giving time and explanations as we went from one area or building remains to another, the weather was warm and dry, the skies clear, perfect, buffet lunch included, we then went up to the higher levels to take the iconic photos of the site. We learned about the governance, beliefs and systems of the Inca empire and theories on why the site was abandoned and not found by Europeans for so long, though when it was in 1911 (or 1860) there were two local families still living there.

​So for the return journey, stopping to pass through the souvenir stalls, and I bought some Peruvian ear-rings, sold by weight of silver. On the train ride there & back there were drinks and snacks, & a glass domed roof. On the way back there was also a fashion show of Peruvian Alpaca & Lama clothing items, some of the ladies items were really versatile in how they could be worn. So we have bought a black and white hooded shawl. 

​As we left the train for the coach ride part it was getting dark, but there was an amazing thunder & particularly lightning display that lasted the whole of the drive back. A great display in the non light polluted skies of the rural area. Back to the hotel for 21.45, but we had left at 5.30 in the morning getting up at 4.30, so it was time for an early night.