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Day 4 16.11.2016 Wednesday Puerto Madryn Argentina -The 1st Rest Day Nominal 54kms O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A

Whale watching is the thing here before heading West over the Welsh Plains, this was how this town was presented, however the seas were too rough for those that had booked sea trips, and this just isn't the season apparently. Nigel did a completely spanner check through and found a the oil pressure pipe had a hairline crack into and with the support crew got another piece of pipe to fix it. Good stuff, all is well with Jim. While Nigel was doing this I was up in the room, windows open to the balcony and the sun shining with the Atlantic waves sounding just outside doing IT stuff we have had no time, at all, to do.

I then helped Nigel reload the car with all items neatly stowed away, we went for a test drive along the peninsular  where all sorts of marine life have been known to seen, penguins, whales, seals, but not today. We did see a real mean army of ants, carrying items to their home. On the stretch of unmade road tothe peninsular we did try to practice regulaity techniques. Try to use speed/time charts and hit an average speed. It is quite easy to do on a reasonably straight level road.

Dinners on rest days are not included and we walked to a sea side restaurant with folk from Car 1 folk Graham & Marina from the UK, and Vince and Paul car 16 also in a big Bentley, also from the UK

To day has had all weathers from sun, showers and hail, but it has always been windy and really quite cold for the time of year down here in the South. Some pictures will be up loaded. https://sway.com/q1aunZXcJEltR4DO