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​Nigel is working on the Jim checking things out, we did have a rough section through a National Park with some bigger pebbles, gullies and a ford, so Jim is quite shaken up. Nigel tried to fix the clocks and the lambda sensor, but he failed. So we will continue with only the amp metre that throws a wobbly for time to time, and the oil pressure gauge. We did some sorting and consolidation of tools & luggage last night. The resort here at Llao Llao Bariloche is stunning, grand Germanic hotel with comfy rooms and stunning scenery, so I am not suffering at all as I sit here doing my IT stuff.

​We have joined a team, 3 cars can join a team from the same era, we are the M&Ms because all the Navigators are Ms, There is Nigel & me, Mary in Jim the Aston Martin 1500cc; Graham & Marina in 1925 Bentley Super Sports 4500cc GB; and Paul & Mariella in a 1934 Ford 40 B Tudor, ( Bonny & Clyde car) 3916cc AUS. We are currently all in the top 4, we being 4th, so its a good group & mix of cars, but this is early days of the rally, though we have done about a third of the distance already

This evening we go Horse Riding, but we didn't. It was advertised in the UK as a 4x4 drive, some horse trekking, then champagne& chocolates while serenaded, by sax, flute & pipes, then a great dinner in a cabin above the lake, the views were amazing and the food and the company, it all happened, just no horses, foot trekking instead, there was N&I, Marina & Graham; Stan & Brant; Colin; and Layne photos at   https://sway.com/BHOScO3kWDcmmtZA Our guide on this trip explained why there are so many roaming dogs, well fed but wandering about. When the last volcano exploded people fled the area over in Chile but left their dogs, people of Bariloche could travel quite easily to the area and rescue the dogs, but no-one really took ownership of them, but they are all fed, but wander from house to house, from shop to factory, and seem quite happy with situation.

Day 7 19.11.2016 SATURDAY The Second Rest Day at Bariloche Argentina Nominal 54kms O.P.=4 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A