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The first rest day in Chile on the West Coast of a Continent we have never been to before. Third rest day and I am up dating the last couple of days and Nigel is with Jim the Aston Martin trying to trace this electrical fault that came to the fore yesterday. The sun came out late, we were in an hotel right next to the sea, and beach. When free time allowed we walked along the beach and the sea front. There is a Victorian Castle affair and they have pelicans. It is almost like the Tower of London and the Rooks, the birds here are fed to keep them near by. Some folk went to old Valparaiso which we too must visit sometime, on of our team members Mariella, was mugged and her handbag ripped from her neck, she wasn't too greatly injured.

​We are now in 5th place overall because someone who had 20 minutes late penalty has had them removed.

​Photos on:-https://sway.com/fHWZmm4N7L5nZgh9

Day 11 23.11.2016 Wednesday 3rd Rest Day of the Rally at Vina Del Mar CHILE Nominal 54 kms O.P.=5 C.P.=1 M.S.=N/A