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 No planned travelling today from this Chile town. It is a much needed rest after 5 days of travel and yesterday was a long day and the same will be true of tomorrow. The rally group are split half & half, we are in a truly lovely hotel. It is really hard to describe you might be able to google it www.tierrahotels.com 'the spirit of Chile' this is the Tierra Atacama. I am doing chores and IT stuff, with a view of a dormant volcano & an observatory. The sky is so clear at night, almost no light pollution, we have booked to go to the observatory to view the night sky tonight. Nigel has cleaned the car and found a broken bolt again in the cycle wing stays, a weak point clearly, but if you do view a link to the go-pro video you will see some of what the wheels go through. Stones and bolders etc have damaged both rear lights that came with the car, just chipped they do still work.

​This hotel used to be where cattle were gathered before being driven to the Chilean coast, cattle that had come over the Andes from Argentina, as we had done. San Pedro is an oasis of life at 2460m, the rooms have 2 showers, one indoors & one outdoors. It has a spa, and swimming pool with views to the volcano. After IT stuff, chores and car fettling we had a swim & a sunbathe, we drove into town to get fuel, which we did, but the map was really poor and we couldn't find anywhere to park to visit the old town, so we got lost and drove back. The hotel has gardens that provide wonderful scents throughout. San Pedro really seems to be a mecca for tourist/backpackers, there was a good vibe.

​The hotel is wonderful, everything, all drinks are free of charge, and this evening they hosted a great BBQ, again the slow roasted lamb, local traditional music, it was a good evening, there is a photo of Nigel and a team member Paul, husband to Mariella both with their Movember hair. We left to got to the observatory and had stars, planets and galaxies pointed out to us that we had never seen before, there was light pollution and a little cloud, but it was all good though.

​Not sure if I have explained the bottle shrine business, but here goes, the myth/miracle is that a Spanish pregnant lady goes off into the desert in search of her soldier husband, she gives birth en route and brings the baby to her breast but dies of thirst, by a miracle, the baby survives and the notion is to leave water at the shrines in memory of this so no-one else will die of thirst as they travel into the desert....

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Day 17 29.11.2016 Tuesday the 4th Rest Day of the Rally at San Pedro de Atacama Chile O.P.= C.P.= M.S.= Nominal 54 kms