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Day 23 & 24 2 whole Rest Days ​5th & 6th December 2016 Monday & Tuesday Nominal 107kms Cusco Peru near to Machu Picchu​ O.P.=7th? C.P.=1 T.P.=3rd

How the first of our 2 rest days began. The first day was a long day being collected from the hotel at 05.30am for a long but excellent day at Machu Picchu. Early night but we are not sleeping well at this altitude. On the 2nd rest day, we had an 8am breakfast, re-organised packing and N set off at 9.45 for this remote garage with some bags and to look at Jez. There was a long delay in the shuttle transport but N got there, nuts and bolts OK, there does seem to be a gently leak from the half shaft seal, near the brakes. N will keep an eye. She didn't seem to want to start  but did, maybe she to does not like the altitude. Then staff at the garage arranged a car to bring N back and the car driver got lost twice. I have been doing some hand washing and IT, N has felt he has had a wasted morning with traffic...But 1.15, and chores are finished, cloudy and quite cold now. So we are to go off to explore old Cusco on foot. It is a wonderful old town, great Spanish influence, but still some of the base walls are Incan. Cusco had a major earthquake in 1950, there is a black & white photo of a photo in the link, but the town has been well restored. Every other shop is a tourist produce seller or a café, and there are a lot of police that seem to keep a friendly eye over all, N has photographed one of the police traffic cops for you. The Hotel has strange piped music in different areas, some Christmas songs, but there is the monks chanting, spooky.

​It is an old Monastery, but with well kept flower beds and the rooms are delightful, its just a shame we can't sleep at this altitude. They have coca tea on tap, given to us by folk dressed as monks when we arrived so we don't feel at all ill with altitude sickness just a bit breathless.

​One of the things our guide told us at Machu Picchu was the gender equality practiced by the Incas, having female rulers and head holy leaders, male & female children equally valued and the guide said this was continued into post colonial Peruvian life.

​There are male chamber 'maids', teams of women planting out the summer bedding, the female cops, plus many of the leaders of Peru have been women in recent history. The patriarchy of the Spanish could not over come the Inca ethos. There was an earthquake in 1950 that caused a lot of damage, but much has been repaired.

​We went to the Cathedral built on an older Inca site. The Spanish put a lot of effort into stamping their mark on this town, to show their dominance, many of the very grand buildings date to early on in the take over.

​In the evening we went to the Fallen Angel, a hotel/restaurant across the square from our hotel. It is really quirky, glass table tops, over baths of gold fish numerous statues, it would be a good place to stay if we came to visit again.

​Photos on :- https://sway.com/FMFDrqh70MwXCHhw