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Overall Position=O.P. Class Position=C.P. Team Position=T.P.​​

The End Saturday 10.12.2016 - Leaving South America O.P.=6 by 17 seconds C.P.=1 T.P.=2nd

So we humans are leaving, what of the car? We have ended up 6th as overall position by 17 seconds. This is in the pre 1941 class these are the Vintageant class, that are seen as separate, most of the other pre '41s are a much, much bigger CC and had many features of rally adaption. Nigel and the Car have done very well indeed. Within all the cars we are 16th overall. The fact that little old Jim/Jez completed the whole Rally with no engine, chassis, gear or drive issues, she has used very little oil or coolant. There was car 56 that disappeared off the list, there are 8 in hire cars and another 11 cars that more than 5 hours out of the running. So once again Jez is a star. Us and other folk had a wander around Lima, but didn't find much to recommend it. We did not drive Jez through Lima traffic to the docks, she was picked up on a low loader, it was so sad to let her go again. Photos are on the slide show above. It is unclear to my non tech mind why the one of the car being loaded is upside down, of the 3 photos taken they all load into the above upside down, maybe a southern hemisphere thing.

​The reason for the wedding photos, is that the hotel seemed to be wedding factory, and the contrast between the staged activity going on here was so striking to the rural wedding we had come across in a village some days earlier.

​The sunset photos are as we flew in to Heathrow on the Sunday evening....

​Us humans took an afternoon flight where there were no hitches.

​Items we over packed with:- pills & potions we were recommended to take, a kettle and cups that were intended for a cup of tea first thing but rising pre 6am there was never any time, 2 thick fleeces (one each) that were not needed, we were only cold on one day over the highest mountains in the rain, and the ERA gave us to new Inca Rally jackets. We actually took very few extra clothes.

​Spares we did use were all the tyre changing things,  both tyres were needed, may be only needed one inner tube next time, did use the magneto and fuel pump. The seals and tools unique to the Aston, though not used were important to take.

​Early on Vincent & Paul of Car 16 a '36 Bentley suggested we look to some of the support crew to take the heavy spares we had brought, later on some people with hire cars took our spare tyre  and the bag carrying the unused personal items from above. We felt quite guilty about off loading our weightier/unneeded items, but we felt it helped even out the cc odds over the mountains and on the track, only to find out that many cars were doing it!! So all is fair.

​Nigel and I have discussed that we will probably not put Jez through such a long demanding Rally again, shorter ones yes, car tours, yes, but for full on Endurance Rally, we would seek to find a different car. Jez is a grand old lady, genuinely so. In a way, to support this point, on our return to work we had an email from the son of Jez's first owner, a lady and a photo of the car in Horseguards looking very grand indeed. Jill Wyndham was given the car as a wedding present at the age of 24, 08.06.1934 the following year 1935 she broke the flying record from Cape Town to London. We drove the car in S America over 6,000 miles, 10,000 KMS+ and the car's 82 year old 1500 cc engine saw her only 13 minutes, 13 seconds behind the absolute winner, that is a loss of only 37 seconds per driving day.

We collected the car from CARS, the shippers on January the 27th 2017. She took a long while to start and it was thought to be poor quality fuel that had been pooled in the lines and carbs for some 6 weeks. After it was drained through, she started and we filled up with fresh UK petrol some six miles away from CARS and she traveled well after that. As I write this on the 14.02.17 Nigel and I are working our way through taking things off the car, cleaning, repairing where necessary and rebuilding. The latter has not yet begun. We have not found any real problems yet.